I an currently interning at Nickelodeons Video Game division at Viacom located in the heart of Time Square. This is my first internship and my first experience in an actual media company. Viacom is a fascinating place to work at. There are so many sub-divisions within the company that include MTV, Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central, Showtime, Spike TV and so on. This is the ideal place to work at if media is the thing you want to do for a living. Each division employs hundreds of  people, each assigned to the task they were hired for. Our division alone has a whole floor dedicated to just video games, from writers to character design and development. Interestingly the actual development of games are done by hired developers. We supply the ideas and the IP. Nickelodeon games rarely interacts with the rest of Viacom.

The first day of my internship, I got seriously ill with food poisoning and was bed ridden for the first week, so that was a bummer. When I returned the week after, I was asked for my opinion on certain game play mechanics and we surveyed kids play testing our games to make sure not only if its functional but asked for opinions for improvements. Other days I spend all day playing videogames. This may seem like fun, but honestly I wish I was doing more. I was hoping to learn about the whole process of videogame making and playing all day is actually quite boring. I was hoping for a more hands experience with this internship, but its still early so lets see.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to be part of the game making experience and this is where I want to be,  I want to work for Viacom. I asked many of the workers on how they got their job here and the majority got it through internships like mine. But I’m concerned that this particular one is not helping prepare to get to the next level.

But it is still early and I am hopeful.

Nelson Torres